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CATL Introduces TIANXING Brand for Commercial Vehicle Batteries

Date:2024-07-05 Author:Alison Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On July 4, 2024, CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited) officially launched its commercial power battery brand, "CATL TIANXING," along with two products: the "CATL TIANXING Light Commercial Vehicle (L) - Ultra-Fast Charging Version" and the "CATL TIANXING Light Commercial Vehicle (L) - Long-Range Version." These products boast a 4C ultra-fast charging capability and a practical range of 500 kilometers.

"Four Super Technologies" Safeguarding the Development of New Energy Commercial Vehicles

At present, the current pain points in the development of the new energy commercial vehicle industry, such as slow charging, high overall costs, and limited transport mileage, have been significant challenges. CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited) focuses on innovation by integrating four major advantageous technologies—super safety, super fast charging, super long lifespan, and super long range—into the field of new energy commercial vehicles. This initiative has led to the creation of the "CATL TIANXING" brand, effectively meeting the demands of commercial vehicle users for longevity, efficiency, and profitability.

Safety is the cornerstone of commercial vehicle operations and a non-negotiable priority for CATL. As a leader in the field of new energy commercial vehicles with a substantial market share, CATL maintains an uncompromising commitment to product safety. The products unveiled in this release feature industry-leading non-thermal diffusion technology and utilize aerospace-grade insulation materials, ensuring the highest levels of safety for battery applications right from the outset.

In the realm of rapid recharging, CATL possesses a wealth of technical expertise honed over multiple iterations, with its fast-charging technology already integrated across various product lines. The launch of the "CATL TIANXING" series now allows commercial vehicle users to experience lightning-fast charging speeds, saving valuable charging time and enhancing operational efficiency.

By employing advanced technologies such as new low lithium consumption graphite on the negative electrode and biomimetic self-healing SEI film technology, the "CATL TIANXING" achieves not only a 4C ultra-fast charging capability but also enhances cycle life by 100%. This substantial improvement in battery reliability throughout its lifecycle ensures peace of mind for commercial vehicle operators.

The "CATL TIANXING" batteries utilize CTP3.0 module-free extreme grouping technology, optimized through topology structure, significantly boosting grouping efficiency. Moreover, dual-layer large-area liquid cooling enhances both energy density and thermal management efficiency, significantly improving range performance while reducing battery weight.

4C Ultra-Fast Charging + 500km Long Range

CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited) has introduced two globally leading production power batteries tailored for the logistics sector: the CATL TIANXING L - Ultra-Fast Charging Edition and the CATL TIANXING L - Long Range Edition.

The CATL TIANXING L - Ultra-Fast Charging Edition combines 4C ultra-fast charging capability with an 8-year/800,000-kilometer warranty, featuring a large capacity of 140 kWh. It achieves a real-world range of up to 350 kilometers, far exceeding industry standards.

With a charging speed that replenishes 60% of the battery in just 12 minutes, the CATL TIANXING L - Ultra-Fast Charging Edition meets flexible freight transport demands. Whether for suburban deliveries or urban distribution, vehicles can charge and go, significantly reducing charging times and enhancing operational efficiency and frequency.

Meanwhile, the CATL TIANXING L - Long Range Edition boasts a 500-kilometer range and an 8-year/800,000-kilometer warranty, equipped with a substantial 200 kWh capacity. This capability ensures seamless long-distance freight transport without the need for mid-route recharging, whether traveling from Beijing to Hohhot or from Kunming to Guiyang.

The energy density of the CATL TIANXING L - Long Range Edition reaches up to 200 Wh/kg, the highest in the light commercial vehicle industry, allowing for a maximum vehicle weight reduction of 300 kilograms. This increase in effective payload capacity enables users to carry more, run longer distances, and increase profitability.

Both versions come with an 8-year/800,000-kilometer comprehensive warranty, effectively reducing overall vehicle operating costs and maintaining high residual value, providing a sound economic solution for commercial vehicle users.

Gao Huan, CTO of CATL's Domestic Commercial Vehicle Division, stated, "Our battery warranty covers the entire vehicle lifecycle—no fear of breakdowns, no fear of performance decline, and no fear of depreciation."

After its launch, the product will immediately enter mass production, covering all scenarios.

The logistics industry operates within complex and diverse environments, requiring solutions tailored to every commercial vehicle user. The CATL TIANXING L series meets these demands with a range of serialized products offering capacities from 30 to 200 kWh and real-world ranges of 150 to 500 kilometers. Designed to support both ultra-fast charging and extended range applications, the entire series caters comprehensively to the logistics industry's diverse operational scenarios.

Currently, the CATL TIANXING L series is integrated into 21 models from 13 leading manufacturers including Foton, Geely, Dongfeng, JAC, Weichai, Jiefang, Changan Kuayue, Lingzhi Motors, Qingling, Ruichi, SHACMAN, Xinyuan, and SAIC Yuexin. This commitment ensures that these high-quality products are available immediately upon release, eliminating the need for waiting.

Moreover, CATL TIANXING will swiftly introduce additional products to meet specific demands within various commercial vehicle submarkets, thus accelerating the industry-wide transition to electrification.

The commercial vehicle sector is currently in a golden age of development. CATL TIANXING is dedicated to creating value through technological innovation, as emphasized by Dr. Wu Kai, Chief Scientist of CATL, who stated, "The breakthrough in commercial market value lies in focusing on commercial vehicle users, ensuring 'secure foundations, sound financial planning, and strategic deployment' throughout R&D. We achieve this through an open innovation system that drives comprehensive and transformative value enhancement."

CATL not only serves as the most reliable and loyal partner for frontline professionals but also stands as a steadfast supporter on their journey of continuous improvement.


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