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Yuchai YC6K Engine

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  • Yuchai YC6K Engine
  • Yuchai YC6K Engine
Product Description

YC6K diesel engine, which meets National V Emission Standards, has 13L and 12L versions available. Currently, it is chiefly targeted at 6×4/6×2 trucks, 8×4/6×4 self-loading vehicles, buses measuring 12-meters and above in length,70-120 ton vehicle cranes and all-terrain cranes. With high-pressure common-rail + SCR, the engine stands out in the following four areas:

1) State-of-art technologies

As the first modularized structure in China, the engine is more compact and easy to repair. Its overhead camshaft (OHC) can effectively cut the noise level and improve the engine’s lifespan. In addition, its reverse cooling technology can prevent the engine from overheating and make cooling more efficient.

2) Powerful performance

YC6K engine can accelerate in a fast manner, especially when climbing slopes or surpassing other vehicles.

3) High fuel economy

YC6K engine achieves higher fuel economy with a minimum fuel consumption of 185g/(kW·h).

4) Higher reliability

Equipped with Jacobs inside-cylinder braking system, YC6K engine (B10) can reach a lifespan of 1.6 million kilometers.

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