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Country Name:Eastglobal Trading Co., Inc

Message:I was connected to Hyundai Heavy Industries International as Vice-President for Sales. I resigned last September 2016 to put up my own company, EastGlobal Trading Company, Inc. Now we are looking for potential bus and trucks and heavy equipment to market in the Philippines. The attached please find our purchase details. Thank you and looking forward to doing good business with Sichuan Hyundai Motors.


Response:Thanks for your prompt response. We have forwarded your request to Sichuan Hyundai. Afterwards, the manufacturer will get in touch with you directly. Of course, during this process, if you have any questions, also, please don't hesitate to contact with us.



Country Name:Corporate Insisavan and Associates

Message:We want to buy new electric trucks with technical specifications similar to those of internal combustion engines. We have a fleet of 200 diesel engine trucks. I send you the technical specifications of the internal combustion engine so that you can offer me an electric alternative. We would like to test with some of your new electrical units. No purchase commitment. What can you offer me?


Response:Thank you for your kind inquiry. Woud you purchase brand new electric trucks to replace the 200 units diesel trucks? Or your just want to modify the 200 units of diesel-powered trucks into electric-powered trucks? Which brands are these 200 trucks belong to? Could you send us some pictures? Where would you use these electric trucks? I appreciate very much for your confirmation.


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