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Dong Feng took part in the 100th China Import and Export Product TradeExposition


In the season of harvest, Dong Feng gained its fruits. As a mainstream manufacture, its new self-branded products Kang Ba, Xiao Bawang, Dong Feng Star and Dong Feng Pickup took part in the 100th China Import and Export Product Trade Exposition. And it attracted foreign merchants' attention.

Let's describe the exposition as the great scale than ever before. Totally, there were 31,408 locations in the exposition. It covered a net area of 282 thousand square meters. The number of the relevant personnel was500 thousand.

As the Chinese first exposition, it started from 1957. And today, it has become the best Chinese international exposition. Although it was rainy that day, it still couldn't stop the foreigner from being desired to have a good look around. At the table of Dong Feng commercial vehicle, the merchants from Middle East and Russia stopped to take an exciting negotiation to Dong Feng officials.

In fact, in the last exposition, Dong Feng tried to take part in the exposition for the first time. And they had already gained something useful. They sent their independent trucks to more than 40 countries.


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