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The Internationalization Road of Greatwall Motor



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  As the biggest manufacturer of pickup trucks in China, Greatwall Motor has a glorious history of rapid development and high profit making for10 years. After these years, Greatwall Motor has been enlarged by 40 times, total assets increased 2800 times. Since 2004, Greatwall has been elected as “Top 10 Private Enterprises of China”, “Top 500 Enterprises in China” ,“Top 500 Industrial Enterprises in China”, “China Made, China Machine Top 500 Enterprises” successively, and in last year, Greatwall was elected as “Top 100 Enterprises in China” By Forbes Magazine. Now, Greatwall has now debts and loan, cash circulation quite well. All these factors make shareholders love Greatwall Motor stocks very much.
  Recently, by net profit 0.703 billion Yuan, earnings per share 0.74Yuan, rate of return on net assets 15.76%, Greatwall Motor was elected as the most valuable listed motor enterprise in China.  And few days earlier, Greatwall Motor made a great success in issuing more Hong Kong H shares, and collected 1.609 billion Hong Kong Dollars. Since the day Greatwall Motor was listed in Hong Kong, Greatwall has collected 3.3 billion Hong Kong Dollars. Floating stock rate of Greatwall Motor has been improved from 27% to 37.7%. The capital internationalization of Greatwall has made a further step toward his goal.

  The intention of capital internationalization of Greatwall Motor is to internationalize its products. The board chairman of Greatwall Motor Wei Jianjun said by issuing more shares and increasing capital they can absorb international capital and learn from international advanced experiences. In this way, they may invigorate new vitality for their further development.
  Now, Greatwall products have been sold to 108 countries of the world, quantity exported to more than 70 countries. In 2006, Greatwall Motor exported more than 30,000 units and earned foreign exchange 0.2billion Us Dollars, and both have increased more than 90% compared with 2005.

   Motor export is the first step of Greatwall internationalization road. How to realize further development in the international market is a problem facing many Chinese enterprises and so is Greatwall Motor. Now, Greatwall Motor has learned to compete in international market in a more systemic way, putting emphasis on brand building, after-sale service, online-service, technology export and oversea assembly plants. Greatwall Motor believes that Capital internationalization is the symbol of being internationalized to an enterprise. But it is not an easy road. If the enterprise does not have the required economic strength, excellent business achievements and core-competitiveness, he will fail. The success of Greatwall tells us that Greatwall Motor is not a jelly fish in the motor industry. We have confidence on Greatwall Motor that he will have greater success on his internationalization road in the future.


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