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Great Wall Motor POER Pickup Launched in Mexico

Date:2024-07-09 Author:Alison Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Recently, the "Redefining the POWER" themed launch event for GWM POER took place in Mexico City, marking the entry of GWM's fifth model into the Mexican market, following the HAVAL H6, HAVAL JOLION, ORA 03, and TANK 300 HEV. The launch of GWM POER in Mexico further expands its global sales network and accelerates the global popularity of GWM pickups.

Over 400 attendees, including local automotive and lifestyle media, bloggers, GWM dealers, business partners, POER owners, and GWM Mexico executives, participated in the launch event and test drive activities, witnessing a new milestone for GWM in the Mexican market.

The launch event showcased the POER pickup in various scenarios, including urban settings, forests, off-road terrains, and sand dunes, blending vibrant music to immerse the audience in the multifunctional applications of the pickup. The test drive segment featured smooth urban roads and complex terrains such as pits, steep slopes, climbs, and water crossings, allowing attendees to deeply experience the powerful performance of the POER. A recreational area sponsored by GWM featured an LMB baseball experience zone, enabling guests to enjoy the synergy of GWM vehicles and LMB sports during breaks.

Before its launch in Mexico, the POER underwent localized road testing and adaptation based on local road conditions, traffic regulations, driving habits, and environmental factors, ensuring the vehicle is tailored to local drivers' preferences. The launched POER models include passenger and commercial versions, four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive options. As a mid-size pickup, the POER measures 5.4 meters in length, 1.93 meters in width, and 1.86 meters in height, with a wheelbase of 3.2 meters providing stable handling and comfortable driving. Its 2.0L turbocharged engine paired with an 8-speed transmission balances power, economy, and reliability. This powerful combination allows the POER to handle a payload capacity of 1050 kg and a towing capacity of 2250 kg, making it an excellent choice for commercial needs.
GWM Mexico Country Manager Yao Bin introduced the development history of GWM pickups and the global performance of the GWM POER to guests, media, and users. Since the production of the first pickup in 1996, the company has focused on innovation and technological development. Today, GWM have sold over 2.6 million units of pickups worldwide, maintaining the number one sales position in China for 26 consecutive years with a market share close to 50%. In China, one out of every two pickups sold is a GWM. The GWM POER, as a high-end brand, addresses user needs with commercial and passenger variants, covering mid-size, large, and full-size categories, including fuel, electric, and plug-in hybrid options. Within five years, it has garnered the choice and trust of 600,000 global users, becoming a star brand in the high-end pickup market.

Pedro Bezerra, Vice President and General Manager of GWM Mexico, announced the official launch of the POER brand in Mexico. As a globally oriented brand, POER symbolizes power, the courage to defy tradition. In the Mexican market, POER continues its global brand philosophy, promoting a spirit of adventure and aiming to bring transformative power to Mexican consumers.

Mexican media, partners, and users gave high praise to the POER pickup after deep test drives. Formula.mx journalist stated, "With the arrival of GWM POER, GWM continues to impress the Mexican market with a powerful C-class pickup, aiming to provide the perfect balance to meet the needs of commercial users and adventure-loving families, offering options for various drivers." MEMO Lira journalist commented, "The GWM POER pickup stands out with its rugged image, featuring dual grille designs that create a direct visual impact. The sunroof and electrically adjustable leather seats are perfect for those seeking a vehicle with such dual characteristics."

During the event, GWM also held a special promotion for business partners. Nearly 90 renowned companies from various sectors such as banking, insurance, logistics, retail, real estate, and car rental participated, experiencing static displays and test drives of the full range of models. Several potential partners conducted research on GWM's products and signed letters of intent for cooperation, expressing their recognition and trust in GWM's product strength and confidence in long-term collaboration.

Additionally, the GWM executive team hosted a handover ceremony for POER owners, thanking them for choosing GWM among many brands. Five local user families from Mexico received their keys with great joy. A user representative expressed, "We are very happy to become POER owners. It has a stylish and rugged appearance, coupled with a comfortable driving experience. Even in today's rainy test drive, it felt very reassuring, making it an ideal choice for family and commercial travel."

Since the launch of the first model, HAVAL H6 HEV, in September 2023, GWM has introduced five models to the Mexican market, providing diverse options for local families and individual consumers. GWM is accelerating the expansion and layout of its network in Mexico, with 40 sales outlets, covering 80% of Mexico's core areas. This year, alongside business expansion, GWM actively engages in local marketing activities, sponsoring the LMB baseball league, Spartan Race sports competitions, and building a strong automotive and sports IP, truly integrating into the lives of Mexican consumers and exploring unlimited possibilities with sports enthusiasts.

On its path to global advancement, GWM adheres to a long-termism philosophy, focusing on user needs and providing high-quality products while actively integrating into local enterprises and user communities, showcasing the value and trustworthiness of a Chinese automotive brand. The launch of the POER in the Mexican market deepens GWM's presence in the Latin American market and accelerates its global market layout, aiming to bring superior driving experiences to global users and promote the brand's sustained development worldwide.


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