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Greatwall Motor Spends Nearly 800 Million Yuan on research and Development


  As a national research and development center, Greatwall Tech Institute not only has a complete research system and advanced development equipments but also has the capability to develop and design pick-up truck, SUV, car, power assembly, vehicle and parts assessment, CAE analysis and vehicle design. In recent two years, Greatwall Motor invests nearly 800,000,000 Yuan on research and development of software and hardware.

  R&D center is the most important thing to attract eyes of global specialists. Greatwall R&D center was set up by a investment of 150,000,000 Yuan which can simulate every global extreme climate, humidity, and radiation and then carry assessment and analysis; test on displacement, vehicle road, engine, chassis, parts vibration, vehicle weariness and endurances, electronic equipment and non-metal materials. Advanced hydraulic pressure road simulation system ensures the performances and liability of Greatwall Motor.
   Vehicle matrix is called the mother of vehicles in the auto industry; however, vehicle matrixes in china, especially matrixes of high class cars, have to be imported.  Greatwall Motor spent 200,000,000 Yuan in building a matrix base. Now, Greatwall Motor vehicle matrix base has already had an independent system of matrix building, stamping technology, matrix design, full matrix making, numerical control machining, matrix equipment and debugging, etc. Now, Fengjun pick-up truck and other 5 cars are developed by Greatwall Motor Matrix base.  In addition, Greatwall motor invested 50,000,000 Yuan and built a Vehicle Trial Production center.


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