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Chenglong Motor completes “180” target in advance

Date:2010-11-10 Author:Dongfan Zhang Source:www.chinatrucks.com

(chinatrucks.com, Nov 10, 2010) Sales volumes of Dongfeng Motor Auto are 8936 in Oct of 2010 in accordance with the latest statistics, which has increased 89% by same time. The actual sales revenue is 84 million Euros. Accumulated sales volumes of Dongfeng Motor Auto from Jan to Oct are 81792, which has increased 82.8% by same time. Sales volumes of Dongfeng Motor Commercial Vehicles are 47945. Accumulated sales revenue from Jan to Oct is 1062 million Euros, and sales volumes and sales revenue have both completed the target in advance, and target “180” has been completed.     

Target “180” is the struggling target proposed by Dongfeng Motor in 2010, which means that the sales volumes will be reached 80,000, and the sales revenue will surpass 1 billion Euros. It is analyzed by industry expert that although commercial vehicle market increase has surpassed 30%, the competition is quite violent. Increase of Dongfeng Motor has got 89%, which results from the sales service and seize of opportunity, besides the accurate market orientation, and completed technology support.  

The related responsible people of Dongfeng Motor Sales company has quoted that “ Dongfeng Motor has cooperated with the top design companies from German, France, Italy, British, Japan, and Korea at technology aspect. In terms of marketing service, the marketing networks of Dongfeng Motor have reached more than one thousand, and it pays more attention to the consult marketing. It not only provides one product, but also production planning, and the completed solution plan before, during and after sales.”

Confronted with more and more customers’ supports, 1 billion is only a new start for Dongfeng Motor, and the new dream is shipping.

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