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The World’s First 10 Benz Actros SLT Delivered to Shaanxi Dajian

Date:2013-12-02 Author:Evelyn Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: On November 28, 10 world leading Benz ActrosSLT heavy duty tractors are delivered to Shaanxi Dajian Automotive Transportation Co., Ltdl (Shaanxi Dajian for short) by Beijing Yihan HuaXing Mercedes-Benz Trading Company. The purchase contract was signed on January 10, 2013. It is the first time to deliver 10 SLT products at one time in the world.

Delivery of truck key

The delivery includes Mercedes-Benz ActrosSLT 4160 heavy duty tractor which is Euro 4 8x8 full-drive model with maximum power 609hp, maximum torque 2400 N/m, and maximum towed mass 500t. It is allocated with strong bearing axle with high speed ratio and double reduction.

World’s leading Benz Actros SLT delivered to Shaanxi Dajian

The purchase contract signed in Beijing at the beginning of the year requires the 10 tractors should be produced in Walter plant in Germany and structure should be reinforced according Dajian’s special transportation requirement.

Sales director of Mercedes-Benz of Daimler Truck and Bus China Zhang Wubin

Sales director of Mercedes-Benz of Daimler Truck and Bus China Zhang Wubin says in his speech: “we’re very glad to have another order of Benz Actros from Shaanxi Dajian. It shows our customer fully trust Benz trucks and services. We hope in future Mercedes-Benz will provide more help to heavy cargo transportation enterprises and facilitate the booming and development of Chinese logistics industry relying our leading products and technology.

Head of global heavy-cargo SLT trucks of Mercedes-Benz presents at the ceremony

As a special vehicle, Benz ActrosSLT has only around one hundred sales per year in the globe. The product has shouldered great tasks in towing Russian aerospace plane, European shielding structure of large hadron collider and large transformers for Qinghai-Tibet grid.

Chairman of Shaanxi Dajian Zhoutai says that the delivery of 10 ActrosSLT tractors at one time is the first in the world. We believe with Benz SLT trucks we will become the largest Chinese heavy-cargo transportation company with the most advanced facilities and largest scale. Benz SLT trucks will further consolidate our leading position in Chinese heavy-cargo transportation market.

Guests witness the delivery of Benz Actros SLT together

Shaanxi Dajian has a fleet of 92 trucks, 56 of which are other brands and 36 of which is Benz truck (including the ten trucks delivered). The overall transportation of Dajian is 12000t. It plans to increase its fleet of Benz trucks to 70 in coming 5 to 8 years.


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