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The First 100 CAMC Trucks for Dangerous Cargo Delivered

Date:2015-07-14 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: 18 CAMC H6 trucks for transporting dangerous chemical cargo are lining on Shandong Zibo Mirroit Hotel on July 12 waiting for inspections of the transport companies. And the delivery ceremony of 100 Hanma H6 trucks for Shandong Yichang Logistics Company is held as scheduled, and more than 200 guests from dangerous chemical cargo transporting companies from Zibo and around joined the ceremony.

CAMC President Liu Hanru handed the golden key of H6 dangerous chemical cargo to the customers, Xu Yichang, president of Shandong Yichang Logistics Company, marking the formal cooperation between the two companies. And this is also another step for CAMC to enter high end dangerous chemical cargo transport industry.


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