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Papua New Gu Customer to Order More CAMC Trucks with Allison AT

Date:2021-06-25 Author:Linda Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Papua New Guinea, July 23rd, 2021 -- Letter from Papua New Guinea: "I am requesting a spec sheet from the supplier CAMC trucks in China. I will purchase 2 new trucks and deliver to you guys to retrofit the transmissions. Once you receive the spec sheets I just need confirmation that you can do the change. I have requested a spec sheet from our truck supplier CAMC and will forward when received. Remove manual transmission and fit Allison automatic. CAMC do not offer this. We have a big fleet of trucks,  60 units of them are CAMC trucks and will purchase 2 more to trial with Allison. Possible but I have a large fleet of CAMC and remote location so we carry all our own parts. I need 6x4 tractor units Euro 2 or 3 500hp for multiple combinations of trailers. The major business of our company is Shipping, We have 200 registered vehicles in our Lae depot alone. All from China we also have tipping trucks.

This year we have bought new from China

16 x 30ft trailers

2 x 45ft trailers

5 x CAMC 8x4 ridgid with XCMG side loading

4 x CAMC ridgid 4x2 trucks

4 x CAMC tractor

Will will be ordering now for starting another contract and I want automatic"

With the great support of chinatrucks.com, the sales representative from Allision has been in touch with the technical engineer from CAMC for detail discussions about the customer's request. They will offer a practical solution and quote accordingly after setting the specific delivery time and hope the customer can wait for a while. Chinatrucks will follow up with them on their latest update response. 

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