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7 HANMA Cargo Truck Delivered to Lanzhou Customers

Date:2017-01-20 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Recently, six HANMA H6 9.6 meter single axle cargo trucks and one HANMA H3 cargo trucks were delivered to Lanzhou customers successfully. This is not only the first time the two cargo trucks entered into the northwest market, but also the first batch HANMA H6 delivered to customers. The delivery is a good start for Gansu CAMC Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. 

7 HANMA Cargo Truck Delivered to Lanzhou Customers
The receiver is Lanzhou New Power Logistics, which is a third carrier SF Express and United Express, its business covers all over the country, has a certain influence in Lanzhou logistics industry. Gansu CAMC general manager Dai Peng visited New Power Logistics many times when their trucks need to be changed, he introduced the product advantages in details, even invited Mr.Wang, the Chairman of New Power Logistics, and relative cadre-men to visit CAMC. During the visit, Mr.Wang saw the advanced assembly line and power line, and listened to the induction of CAMC development process and product advantages. This visit also strengthened Mr. Wang’s confidence in choosing CAMC cargo trucks. 

7 HANMA Cargo Truck Delivered to Lanzhou Customers
It is known that HANMA H6 is a single axle cargo truck of large volume, lightweight and large power specially designed for express and logistics industry. The truck has advantages in weight, price, volume and fuel consumption, equipped with golden power chain of Yuchai engine, FAST transmission and CAMC axle which is perfect matching express logistics industry. At the same time, H6 cab uses the European popular cage frame with high strength steel plate and skin structure, not only delivers good appearance but also ensure the safety of their drivers. The great advantage of H6 single axle is the cargo volume of 63 cube meter, better than 7.7 meter and 7.8 meter. The truck cargo will become the new darling of the flip express and logistic market.
7 HANMA Cargo Truck Delivered to Lanzhou Customers

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