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CAMC Tour Show into Zhengzhou

Date:2013-10-23 Author:Evelyn Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: In the afternoon of October 18, CAMC national tour show is held in Huanghegu Hotel in Zhengzhou, Henan province. Vice General Manager Xia Hong takes part in and addresses at the event. Manager of Marketing Branch He Xiaosheng delivered welcome speech. The event is chaired by Marketing Manager of CAMC Marketing Branch Xue Yongchang. Moreover, dealer representatives, service representatives and more than 300 customers also attend the event.

CAMC heavy duty truck at the event

In his speech Xia Hong says: "in CAMC's rapid development, users from Henan province offer much support. That is also why CAMC can main a sustain and long-term development in Northeast market. In order to return Henan users' support and kindness, CAMC brings latest products that is representing China's leading technology, including high-level large power engine, large torque gearbox, light-weighted products and LNG trucks. I believe you will get rewarding by attending this event. CAMC's new products will bring you a surprise."

After that, Vice General Manager of CAMC Engine Branch Wang Xiangzhi introduces Hanma engine solely developed by CAMC, saying that "Hanma engine is a top product with advancing international technology. CAMC has independent property right." He also make specific explanation on "inside-cylinder braking": with inside-cylinder braking, Hanma engine is under good control when going downhill, the braking distance is shortened, the fuel consumption is low, and braking is very effective. What's most important, it is very safe and convenient to use: loose clunch and then accelerator pedal, the grade is on. The engine is expected to save at least 6000 yuan per year.

General Manger of Beifang Vehicle Transportation Company Liang Wenkui and a user from Zhejiang Jianghong Business and Trade Company share their experience of using CAMC trucks. As LNG truck user, Liang Wekui tells many advantages of natural gas trucks: high quality, good comfort, and low transportation cost (it saves as much as 30% costs than others for one single transport).


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