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Geely Began Test Runs of Green E-methanol Vehicles in Danmark

Date:2022-03-30 Author:Linda Source:Chinadaily

COPENHAGEN - Chinese company Geely began test runs of green e-methanol vehicles in the Danish port of Aalborg on Monday. The two sedans and heavy truck run on e-methanol produced by Power to X (PtX) solution, a sustainable, carbon neutral, renewable fuel.

Denmark wants to promote this type of fuel as it provides a solution for storing excess renewable power and stabilizing the country's power grid. Danish Minister for Transport Trine Bramsen, who took part in the test runs of the vehicles on Monday, called for more support for these technologies.Danish Minister for Transport Tests Tun Geely FarizonTruck Run on E-methanol

"This is not about one single country, it is about the future of the whole world," Bramsen told Xinhua.

"So I think it's important that we have strong cooperation and share knowledge in this field. This is not about ourselves, it's about our children and our grandchildren."

Meanwhile, Geely said that the aim of its collaboration with Denmark is the promotion of green e-methanol and green mobility in Europe.

The port of Aalborg is set to invest 2 billion Danish kroner ($300 million) in green transportation, the port's chairman Lasse Frimand Jensen told Xinhua.Danish Minister for Transport Tests Tun Geely FarizonTruck Run on E-methanol

Recently, the Danish government announced a broad agreement on Power-to-X energy production that includes a government tender of 1.25 billion Danish kroner ($184 million).

Denmark is leading in wind and solar renewable energy production. However, the challenge of such energies is that they are weather-dependent.

The use of green methanol for commercial shipping has already been pioneered by Danish shipping giant Maersk.

Denmark has also established a strong infrastructure for the production, storage, and transport of methanol fuel.


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