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XCMG Names Allison as Exclusive Provider of Transmission for All-Terrain Crane

Date:2022-10-25 Author:Mia Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Allison Transmission, a leading designer and manufacturer of conventional, electric hybrid and fully electric vehicle propulsion solutions, is pleased to announce that it has been named the exclusive provider of transmissions for Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group’s (XCMG) newest all-terrain cranes, leading to additional growth for Allison Transmission outside North America.

XCMG, one of the three largest construction machinery manufacturers in the world, has seen outstanding performance from the Allison 4970 Specialty Series™ (SP) transmission since its initial integration in the new XCA400L8 all-terrain cranes in July 2022.

"XCMG and Allison have had a successful partnership for more than 10 years. Beginning with 60-ton cranes, to 100- and 130-tons, and now with our latest 300- to 500-ton all-terrain cranes, Allison has always delivered reliable performance and high-quality products,” said Ma Qingjie, Deputy General Manager, XCMG Crane Sales. “We will continue to join forces to lead the industry in developing all-terrain cranes that are fast, accurate and stable.”

After completing the certification process in December 2021, XCMG was the first customer to integrate the 4970SP, an uprated variant of Allison’s proven 4000 Series™ transmission.

"The successful integration of the Allison 4970SP into XCMG's all-terrain cranes demonstrates Allison’s commitment to customer-centric innovation," said Brian Geiselhart, Executive Director, Asia Pacific Sales, Allison Transmission. "We look forward to continued collaboration with XCMG to develop solutions that deliver unparalleled performance and productivity for major infrastructure applications worldwide.”

The Allison 4970SP has a maximum power of 597 kilowatts and torque up to 3,200 newton-meters, with seven forward and two reverse gears. The Allison Automatic increases vehicle productivity with enhanced drivability, gradeability and maneuverability as was proven during the Fengpei Railway Bridge construction and a wind turbine installation project near Datong in Shanxi Province.


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