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The First Beiben AMT Heavy-duty Truck Debuts in Singapore

Date:2015-11-27 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Recently, AMT Beiben heavy-duty V3 2043 tractor which was specially designed and manufactured by Beiben Trucks Group Co., Ltd.  to meet the demand of overseas high-end market was delivered to the end user in Singapore. This is the first AMT Beiben V3 high-end heavy-duty truck that entered Singapore’s market and the first AMT heavy-duty truck of Chinese brand that delivered to Singapore successfully. The requirements of heavy-duty truck’s technology and accessories are very high in Singapore, and the circumstance in which heavy-duty truck used can be compared with that of China. The reliability and adaptability of Beiben heavy-duty truck was recognized by truck users and market in Singapore since Beiben Trucks Group Co.,Ltd.  had entered Singapore’s market in 2013.


Beiben Trucks Group Co., Ltd. manufactured high-end Beiben AMT tractor in time to meet the demand of local market in 2015. The high-end Beiben AMT tractor was designed by Beiben Trucks Group Co., Ltd. via analyzing Singapore’s high-end tractor market according to the changes in Singapore’s traffic regulations,users’ using habit and the structural adjustment of Beiben Trucks Group Co., Ltd. After Singapore’s users tested the first high-end Beiben AMT heavy-duty truck,both distributors and users said that Beiben AMT heavy-duty truck has great power, high load capacity. Besides,it is more comfortable compared with MT heavy-duty truck, and the operation is more convenient. It can undoubtedly meet the demand of high-end AME heavy-duty truck in Singapore’s market.
Beiben Trucks Group Co., Ltd.  manufactured the same truck model and delivered them to Singapore to meet the urgent demand of customers  according to the requirement of Singapore’s distributors in October, 2015.


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