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Hubei Dayun Yunchi Truck Exports To Bolivian Again

Date:2015-12-03 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Recently, a batch of brand new trucks in front of Hubei Dayun Truck Delivery Center were placed in a long row. 15 Hubei Dayun Yunchi trucks were in a row grandly and were going to arrive at Tianjin Port. Then they will be delivered to Bolivian which is beyond the Pacific Ocean and make contribution to the local economy development.



Hubei Dayun Yunchi trucks had been exported to Bolivian successfully twice before this time. They have passed the test of using on different road conditions for three years in Bolivian. It proved that its quality is reliable and surpassed the same truck models in international industry. And Yunchi truck won high affirmation of users in Bolivian.

The exported 15 Yunchi self-discharging trucks is one of the main product of Hubei Dayun Automobile Co., Ltd.. The quality of those trucks ranks first in international market and meet the demand of both domestic and overseas customers for their great power, excellent fuel saving, high reliability, low noise and superior maneuverability. The delivery of this batch of exported trucks has great significance in the export business of Hubei Dayun. It renewed the history of Hubei Dayun’s export.


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