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Naveco Wins Praise From Customers

Date:2016-03-18 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: The relationship between enterprise and customers has greatly changed with the coming of 3.0 era in the industry of vehicle. Every truck user will become the spokesman of enterprise. The winning of praise from customers is also the best aid for the positive growth of market sales. It is the one of the best tool for keeping stable market share, good reputation in the market, especially in the circumstances of sluggish market and increasingly competitiveness. The stable development of Naveco, one of the famous commercial vehicle enterprise in China, is a good example.

The marketing director of Lyfen favorites its partner Naveco very much. He said,“Naveco is a good partner of Lyfen. Because the sales end of Lyfen has been spread into more than ten cities in China since its foundation in 1999. Actually this need the guarantee of a first-class logistics transportation system. We feel free to but it and it also save us much trouble for its high stability and reliability of IVECO van truck which is loading tool in inter-cities delivery for logistics transportation”.

What’s the reasons that Naveco can win so much favors from great amounts of customers? The senior leaders of Naveco said, “The basis of our development is lie in our attention on our customers. We devotes ourselves to creating more values and interests for them”.  

Especially in the logistics transportation market, Naveco, depending on its own personalized customization, perfect solution program of citizen logistics transportation, puts forward customized solution program of cargo compartment functional design matching with advanced European standardized VAN engine chain to meet the demand of different customers in various areas. Naveco quickly developed great market of logistics transportation in various cities of China for its big loading capacity and high loading chassis. Besides, it also won the praise of e-commerce logistics enterprises including Jingdong, Shunfeng and Haier Ririshun, etc.. Shen Liguang, the general manager of important customers department of Zhongji Hengda, the dealer of IVECO in North China, said, “The total purchasing volume of Jingdong has reached over 1,800 sets since 2008 with annual purchasing volume of about 300—400 sets. Most of drivers said that the Naveco really has great loading capacity”.

The year of 2016 is the one that IVECO has been bringing in advanced technology for 30 years, and the brand of Yuejin has been created for 58 years. Naveco will totally invest 7 billion RMB, spread several brand new truck modes and more advanced power assembly to the market in China in future. While, the new base of Qiaolin Iveco and Yuejin Jiangnin which are being built will also promote the quick development of Naveco. The competitiveness in the market of commercial vehicle will become more and more fierce in 2016. Naveco need more and more praise from truck users if it want to win in the competition. However, its internal strong developing power will definitely build more promised future for its development.


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