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FAST Wheel Retarder Boosts New Energy CV Market

Date:2016-05-16 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: To face the new economic norm and the development of new energy vehicles, FAST fully accelerates the pace of product structure adjustment and transforms upgrading development steps. Recently, researched and produced transmission product wheel side retarder has fully meet the driving requirement of new energy commercial vehicles, provided the new optimal allocation and won highly favored by customers.
In recent years, encouraged by the government policies, new energy vehicles market continued to show high growth trend. FAST focus on the development trend, and analyze market need to accelerate the innovation and creation paces of new energy and smart products and comprehensively promote the specialization, intelligent, high-end development of the enterprise. Development and production of the wheel retarder is the key product that FAST changes from a single product supplier to the automotive transmission system integration suppliers, which not only to achieve the extension and expansion of the industrial chain, while boosting domestic wheel direct drive technology to a new level.
As new strategic products to enter the new energy commercial vehicle market, FAST have researched and produced 5t and 13t wheel retarder to be suitable for MPV and 10-12m buses. It is understood that the wheel edge deceleration technology of electric vehicles, the electric drive system, transmission system, brake system have highly integrated into a component, so that the vehicle is more simple in structure, lighter weight, and save a lot of vehicle space for the safety of the battery arrangement; The transmission shaft, the transmission shaft, the main retarder, the differential and other transmission parts are eliminated, so that the transmission chain is shortened, and the transmission efficiency is improved. At the same time, the dynamic response of the vehicle is faster, and fully meet the characteristics of the new energy vehicle energy saving and high efficiency.
FAST wheel retarder with its excellent performance to attract the user's attention has won wide acclaim and highly recognized. According to industry experts evaluated, “Wheel retarder technology has emerged in China's new energy bus market which has a higher requirement on the drive motor and the control system. With the strong R & D strength, excellent technical level and advanced manufacturing ability, FAST wheel retarder has fully met the driving need of electric vehicles; light weight, small volume, strong load capacity and obvious energy saving effect are very awesome!”


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