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SHACMAN Sprinklers Deeply Involved in Volcano Clean-up Operations in Caribbean

Date:2021-08-11 Author:Sarah Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Caribbean, August 11, 2021 -- Since the beginning of this year, people in the Caribbean have not emerged from the shadow of COVID-19. An active volcano called La Soufriere in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has gradually awakened and erupted many times, getting local people into panic and disaster.

The magma has erupted several times and scattered a large amount of volcanic ash into the air, almost covering all the surrounding land and buildings, even spread to neighboring Barbados. These tiny particles suspended in the air like flour contained high concentrations of fluorine, which not only caused pollution and harm to the local soil. Moreover, inhaling these particles can cause serious harm to the health of humans and other organisms.

After learning about the situation, the customer of SHACMAN Jamaica expressed their deep condolences to the local government and dispatched 9 SHACMAN F3000 sprinklers for rescue. The SHACMAN sprinklers are suitable for various road washing, construction of factories, high-altitude building washing, water spraying, dust suppression, high and low spraying and emergency fire-fighting.

The vehicles are SHACMAN CUMMINS products. The CUMMINS engine has significant advantages of low speed and high torque, which can easily cope with extreme conditions such as flying dust, with full operation power and smooth start. CUMMINS engines has stable performance, strong power even high intensity and long-term operation, which helped SHACMAN do a great job in the ‘Dust Suppression Campaign’.

SHACMAN has always practiced the "customer-centric" corporate philosophy, always goes to the front line of customer needs, and strives to give back to customers with the most efficient, active and powerful actions. In the future, SHACMAN will continue to maintain its original aspiration and make persistent efforts to defend all corners of the world, escort the prosperity and health of the people of all countries, and contribute to the strength of China.


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