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Dongfeng Cummins Continues to Improve Its After-sales Service

Date:2021-09-23 Author:Sarah Source:www.chinatrucks.com

KUMING, CHINA, September, 23, 2021, /chinatrucks.com/ -- In September, Dongfeng Cummins sent its after-sales service engineeers to Fuzhou, Nanchang, Kunming, Yulin, etc. to provide face-to-face training programs to its customers and help them solve their pressing problems.

In response to some complaints of high fuel costs, Dongfeng Cummins after-sales service engineers did thorough health check-ups and trouble-shootings. They found some driving habits and the quality of fuels had led to the increase of the engines’ fuel consumption.

To address the problem, Dongfeng Cummins has prepared special training programs on the operation and maintenance of its engines, making sure that those drivers and operators have a good command of knowledge to operate its engines properly.


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