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Accelera Showcases Its Zero Carbon Power Chain at Shanghai Zero Carbon Expo

Date:2024-06-07 Author:Alison Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On June 5, 2024, at the second Shanghai Zero Carbon Expo, Cummins' zero-carbon brand Accelera comprehensively showcased its innovative technologies and commercial application cases for the zero-carbon powertrain. As a pioneer in the entire hydrogen energy industry chain, Accelera has not only made significant progress in hydrogen fuel cell technology but also promotes the widespread application of clean energy and the green transformation of the industry through the construction of a zero-carbon powertrain.
Comprehensive Layout of Zero-Carbon Powertrain

At the event, Accelera exhibited key components of the zero-carbon powertrain, including fuel cell systems, hydrogen storage systems, and transmission systems, forming a complete zero-carbon power solution. This comprehensively demonstrates Cummins' forward-looking layout and technical strength in the field of powertrain research and development. The zero-carbon powertrain not only improves the utilization efficiency of hydrogen energy but also provides solid technical support for achieving carbon neutrality goals.
As the core component of the zero-carbon power chain, the HD150 hydrogen fuel cell engine integrates Accelera's profound accumulation of hydrogen energy technology to provide an ideal zero-carbon solution for medium- and heavy-duty transportation scenarios, including heavy-duty slag, port container trucks, general cargo transportation, coal and steel. It is known for its high power, high efficiency, low hydrogen consumption, safety and reliability.

At the event, the hydrogen energy heavy-duty truck equipped with the engine made a stunning debut. This fuel cell tractor is customized and developed by Cummins Accelera in cooperation with OEMs. It is powerful and fuel-efficient equipped with Accelera HD150 hydrogen fuel cell system and 410kW motor + automatic transmission + drive axle” power chain. The vehicle's drive system utilizes co-developed dual energy sources to deeply optimize energy flow management and keep the vehicle's energy flow within an efficient range at all times. The range of the vehicle can reach 350km-500km under standard load.

In the Shanghai area, Cummins-powered hydrogen fuel cell bus projects and urban green cleaning and transport soil projects have accumulated a safe driving distance of over 11 million kilometers. These projects demonstrate the commercial potential and environmental benefits of hydrogen energy in the field of heavy transport.

Among them, there are 72 buses in operation in Lingang Port. According to operational monitoring data, the hydrogen consumption per 100 kilometers of these buses is 4.86 kilograms, which is about 8% better than the industry level. In the past two years of operation, these clean energy buses have achieved significant energy conservation and emission reduction effects, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 6,032 tons.
The hydrogen fuel cell soil transport vehicle project is the first commercially operated new energy vehicle in the Shanghai area, effectively supporting green municipal engineering construction in Shanghai and providing clean transportation capacity for projects in Pudong, Fengxian, Jiading, and other places. It is estimated that carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by more than 20,000 tons within five years.

Building a Green Supply Chain Together

Looking ahead, Accelera will continue to expand its zero-carbon powertrain, strengthen cooperation with governments, industry partners, and research institutions, and promote the innovation and application of hydrogen energy technology. Empowering zero-carbon transportation capacity with advanced fuel cell technology to achieve a green transformation of the supply chain. At this Expo, Cummins will hold a grand signing ceremony, during which important partners will join Accelera's green journey, building a green supply chain logistics ecosystem. Let's look forward to it together.


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