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XCMG Pure Electric Barreled Garbage Truck

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  • XCMG Pure Electric Barreled Garbage Truck
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  • XCMG Pure Electric Barreled Garbage Truck

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This XCMG pure electric barreled garbage truck is composed of the fully-closed cabinet, pure electric chassis, and hydraulic lifting board. The tank uses the modeling of corrugated board with a cover that can be lifted parallelly or vertically. When opened, the height inside the cabinet can reach 1.85m, thus it has enough space with good ventilation, effectively preventing limit working space and poor working environment for the operator. The cover will be closed during garbage transportation to ensure totally-enclosed garbage transportation and prevent garbage flying up, scattering and secondary pollution. The hydraulic lifting tail-board can achieve wireless remote control and the operation process is safe, efficient and convenient.

21-barrel pure electric closed barreled garbage truck successfully rolls off the production line, which helps further widen environmental sanitation development space and assists in accelerating development both in scope and in depth of XCMG’s environmental industry.
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