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Focus on Residue Transport! A Complete Introduction to XCMG G5 Muck Truck

Date:2022-02-10 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

CHINA, Feb,10(chinatrucks.com)--In response to environmental protection apeal, all major cities throughout the country have taken to deepen the “blue sky” action by eliminating and replacing the old muck trucks with the new ones. The demand for smart and environment-friendly muck trucks began recover. Here recommend you a muck truck most popular in China--XCMG G5. With a net weight of just 13.4 tons, XCNG G5 light-weight muck truck can deal with more heavy loads in its own strength.

Light-weight Design, Haul More without Overloading

As overloading trucks are now under increasingly strict regulation, hauling more goods without overloading is becoming an option. XCMG G5 muck truck has a high-strength and lightweight cab, and the frame is constructed with 280mmx80mm double-layer structure. In addition to the application of aluminum alloy air cylinder and fuel tank, and less leaf springs under both the front and rear axles, its net weight can be further reduced to just 13.4 tonnes.

High Fuel Economy Coupled with High Earning Capacity

Fuel efficiency is crucial as fuel costs as a share of total operating costs have grown. XCMG G5's air intake system is made of nano-scale filter materials, which has a high filtration efficiency and long service life. Meanwhile, the pressure loss can be reduced by 20% through the adjustment to piping layout.

XCMG G5 comes standard with a desert air filter. The optimal design used in air intake system piping can have resistance as low as 5.12kpa, which reaches the domestic advanced level and effectively improves fuel economy. The fuel consumption for the whole vehicle is 3-5L lower than that of other vehicles in the same class.

Reliable and Durable, with Overall Strength Guaranteed

Muck trucks often need to operate under bad weather and road conditions. In order to ensure reliability, XCMG G5 is equipped with engineering-specific power assembly comprised of Weichai Engine+FAST Transmission+ 13T sealed, waterproof HANDE axle.

High Intelligence

XCMG G5 muck truck can be monitored and tracked in real time through vehicle network and GPS, so that the driving behavior can be regulated properly. The Telematics system and new standard intelligent Security management system are also installed to ensure the driving safety.

Configuration Parameter  
Model XGA3311D6NE
Cab G5SD
Driving Mode 8*4
Engine WP8.350E61
Emission National 6
Fuel Type Diesel
Transmission  10JSD140T
Front Axle 5.5t
Rear Axle 13t(STR)
Frame 280*80*(8+5)
Suspension 2009/9/12
Oil Tank 350L  aluminum 
Tire 11.00R20 18PR
12.00R20 18PR
12R22.5 18PR


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