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CAMC’s Endeavor on Engines for Development

Date:2012-11-20 Author:Daniel Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com. CAMC has recently adjusted the seasoned equity offerings. It is revealed that the project of 30,000 heavy cargo truck annual targets will soon be put into production and no more funds will be raised this time.

CAMC, the Chinese domestic key enterprise for engineering vehicles was listed in 2003. Through cooperation with foreign design consultancies, high-end heavy trucks, such as Xingkaima, have been developed. A major asset reconstruction was carried out between Xingma Auto and Hualing Auto in 2011. Hualing Auto became a wholly-owned subsidiary under Xingma Auto after the reconstruction and led the further extension into the upstream heavy truck manufacture from SPV production.

The lasted engine project will be carried out mainly by Hualing Auto to focus on the R&D and development of heavy commercial truck engine. The company will be able to produce key parts of engines for heavy truck once the project is completed with the annual productivity of 20,000 11.8L and 30,000 9.8L heavy truck engines.

To get rid of the dependence on engine manufacturers, it has become a trend for heavy truck manufacturers to extend into engine manufacturing for lower costs. For CAMC, the project is conducted with the goal of producing the top quality engine domestically. Foreign teams are employed to work with the technical teams within the company. The patent will goes to CAMC after the completion.


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