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CIMC Will Set Assembly Plant of Trailer Truck in Poland

Date:2016-03-18 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: CIMC became the biggest shareholder of Burg, the manufacturer of trailer truck in Belgium six years ago. And it rolled out CIMC Silvergreen trailer trucks in European market. However, this kind of truck didn’t put into mass production. While, CIMC doesn’t give up the European market after this failure. Recently, it is said that CIMC will set a assembly plant of semi-trailer in Gdynia, Poland to develop the European market of trailer truck.

The general manager of the branch of CIMC in Europe is still Wolfgang Schuster, who once worked in CIMC Silvergreen and Kogel. As for the manufacturing plan of the assembly plan in Poland, CIMC still plans to produce the chassis in China, then transport the semi-manufactured trucks to Europe and assembly them. The CIMC assembly plan in Poland, as its plan, will assembly 1,000 trailer trucks every year. Among which the main truck mode is the trailer truck with lateral curtain and soft carport. This kind of truck is mainly used in the road transportation in Europe. Besides, the trailer truck and container carrier which can be used on highway and railway will also be produced at the same time.


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