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FOTON and Piaggio Group’s 10000TH NP6 New Porter Built at Italian Plant

Date:2022-03-12 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

ITALY, March 12(chinatrucks.com)--On March 9, 2022, the 10,000th New Porter NP6 jointly made by FOTON Motor and Piaggio Group officially came off the production line, with each one of them in full compliant with the latest EU regulation developed by European Economic Community under Automotive Law 2022.This success not only left a weighty, significant mark on the European cooperation project between PiaggioGroup and FOTON Motor, but also demonstrated FOTON’s position as a global leader in commercial vehicle R&D and manufacturing.

FOTON and Piaggio Group’s 10000THNP6 New Porter Built at ItalianPlant

New Porter NP6, a new four-wheeled light commercial vehicle jointly developed by Piaggio Group and FOTON Motor, was officially launched in early 2021. Its product development technology and KD parts production were provided by FOTON Motor, while assembly and sales were done by Piaggio Group at the Italian plant.

The New Porter NP6, a city truck, is able to provide practical trucking solutions meeting all the needs of short-and-medium haul transportation in Europe. Developed in strict accordance with European standards, the New Porter NP6 is capable of meeting the collision standard of Europe while ensuring maximum loading capacity, and will bring you the ultimate ride experience with safety, reliability and comfort.FOTON and Piaggio Group’s 10000THNP6 New Porter Built at ItalianPlant

The new EU ECE R137 regulation standard is a passive safety regulation formulated for the purpose of improving the vehicle collision safety level, under which vehicles sold as of June 2022 must comply with the latest EU regulation. In order to meet the requirement sset out by the regulation, the R&D team planned and developed technical solutions for reinforcing vehicle body structure and performing a series of upgrades to the seats, seat belts, steering column and electronic control system. Finally, the EU test certificate was obtained after all levels of collision testing was done in both China and Italy. There are reports that around 2,000 light-duty commercial vehicles are to be sent to the European market in the first quarter of 2022.

It is precisely because of FOTON Motor's timely adjustment and positive response that enable the Piaggio project vehicles comply with the requirements set out in the regulation and be produced and sold normally within the given period of time. NP6 collision safety enhancement project proves FOTON's capacity to conduct the lean manufacturing system development and process development in compliance with theEuropean standard. With the new products compliant with European collision safety standard making their first entry into Europe, it will take FOTON one step closer to its European and global strategies.


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