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Techking Helps Its Cameroon Customer to Optimize Tire TCO

Date:2023-02-17 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Cameroon(chinatrucks.com) -- Cameroon is a country with abundant forest resources that account for about 11.95% of the world's tropical forest area. This determines the presence of many timber transport companies in the country. On 25 October 2022, Techking's sales representatives and engineers visited an end user who started working with local dealer in 2012, and now has a large log transport fleet with 36 vehicles. 

During the communication, Techking personel learned that the working conditions in his region are very harsh and pose a great challenge to tyre performance. The climate in the tropical rainforest is hot all year round. Even after the rain the temperature still remains above 30°C. Tires can get a lot of heat when transported over long distances under high temperature, which increase the risk of cracking. Last but not least, the rough uphill and downhill forest roads become muddy when it rains, exacerbating risks of cuts and punctures. In short, tyres used in this area must have balanced thermal and excellent cut-resistant properties. The end-user also told Techking that only 20% of the tyres he had previously used can stand up to these challenges successfully.

As a leading tyre solution provider, Techking distinguished itself for its ability to design application-based tyre solutions. Techking recommends a package of tyres to help end users extend tyre life and reduce total cost of ownership - 11R22.5 TKAM C+ for logging trailers and 13R22.5 TKAM III and SUPER DM for timber haulers.

According to the data collected, 80% of Techking tires can reach the level of worn out. The end user is satisfied with Techking's tire performance. Techking is  now supplying approximately 40% of this end user's annual demand for 13R22.5 tyres and 80% of 11R22.5 tyres.

In addition to learning about the working conditions, Techking engineers also helped identify shortcomings in tyre maintenance and gave professional advice. For example, the inflation pressure of the tires in service was lower than what Techking recommended. As we know, insufficient air pressure may result in sidewall separation, bead burst and run flat. Therefore, we advised the end user to inflate to at least 8.5 bar when the trucks run under a standard load and check and record the inflation pressure twice a week. In addition, Techking engineers have found tyres being mounted on the wrong size rims. By correctly matching tyre sizes to rim sizes, it is believed that its tyres can last longer and end-users can save more on tyre costs.

As a key part of Techking's localised marketing system, It attached great importance to market insight into key market segments. With close collaboration with end users, Techking will learn more about the working conditions, provide application-specific tire solutions to end users and help them optimize their total cost of ownership of tires.


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