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Chana research center stays focus on new energy and commercial vehicle

Date:2010-05-12 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

(chinatrucks.com, May 12, 2010) Chana Beijing, Harbin, and Jiangxi auto research institute have been set up. The new research and development base is to stay focus on new energy and commercial vehicle area.

At the present, Chana has established R&D center in Chongqing, Italy Turin, Shanghai, and Japan Yokohama, which enables the global time resources and human resources as well as technology resources will be applied by Chana itself. Therefore, Beijing, Harbin and Jiangxi research enter have been established. What’s more, Chana will set up self research center in British and America in order to raise self research ability.

Among the three research centers, Beijing center is oriented at commercial vehicle, especially light truck, and new energy and policy research. Harbin and Jiangxi centers will provide R&D support for local production base.

Chana insists in hybrid, electric, PLUG-IN and fuel battery and other new energy technology in terms of new energy technology research.. It has mastered CV system integration, safety control design, diagnose sstem development, and other critical core technology. And a series of research fruits have come out.


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