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Youngman: New Tractor with TGA Shape Driving Cab

Date:2012-10-30 Author:Daniel Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: In current heavy truck market, the cab shape of a number of vehicles is similar to that of German MAN, which can be seen as a positive review for MAN. In the picture of Youngman’s tractor, consumers can still find the feeling of MAN’s cab; however, instead of the expected updates of F2000, TGA cab is adopted.

New Model of Youngman Tractor

Compared with the original TGA model, the new vehicle remains the design of 3 windscreen wipers, which is the same as the old F2000. 

Seen from the picture, aluminum alloy hub draws the attention. The exhaust pipe remains the appearance of MAN. Domestic engine will probably be used for the vehicle, Weichai and Shanghai Hino are the choices. For transmission system, Fusite Act will be employed.

Youngman is rarely seen in domestic market, because it is originally positioned for the high-end truck market. A Youngman truck with a D2866 engine may reach as much as 600,000 Yuan. The exposure of the new vehicle may be a hint of Youngman’s new move. 


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