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Youngman JNP3250FD Dumper Truck: Trail Breaker, Master of Refitting

Date:2013-03-18 Author:Lily Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Youngman JNP3250FD dumper truck - State mandatorily certified product and China-III compliant fuel-saving representative, featuring powerfulness and high efficiency, fuel-saving, environment protection, and new power.


Youngman JNP3250FD dumper truck

Youngman JNP3250FD dumper truck

The European latest frame structure concept design is adopted and the driver cab complies with the European EEC regulations, which greatly promote the safety. The driver cab adopts the anti-collision 4-point floating technology to greatly promote the safety performance in event of vehicle crash.

The complete vehicle reaches the MAN process level and adopts the all-steel mould one-time stamping and forming, featuring good tightness, rain-proof, dust-proof, good sound insulation effect, and low noise.

Through the optimized configuration by Germany MAN senior experts, compared with the traditional heavy-duty trucks, the drive efficiency of the complete vehicle is promoted by 15%, with lower fuel consumption under heavy load, the bearing capacity is promoted by 40%, with 8~15% fuel-saving against the equivalent models, and the body passed the strict wind tunnel testing to reduce the windward side to the maximum extent and lower the drag coefficient.


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