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DFCV: Sales of MD and HD Trucks Surpass 14,000 Units

Date:2013-10-12 Author:Evelyn Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: According to Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd (DFCV), in Sep., the company sells more than 14,000 units of MD and HD trucks, up by 65% over last month and 47% over last year. From Jan. to Sep., the sales accumulate to 127,000 units, up by 9% year on year. 

The sales of HD trucks outnumber 10,000 units, soaring by 92% over last month and 59% over last year; from Jan. to Sep., the sales accumulate to approximate 90,000 units, up by 10% over last year. The sales of MD trucks reach 4000 units, up by 16% over last month and 21% over last year; from Jan. to Sep., the sales accumulate to 37,000 units, up by 8% year on year.

In cope with the challenges of China 4 emission standard and the rational return of MD and HD truck market, DFCV proposes to seek for profits from the entire value chain.

In response to China 4 standard, DFCV increase the application of new technology and materials to improve both hardware and software. In terms of marketing, besides sales of complete vehicle, the aftermarket is also a key and the lifespan of users’ vehicle should be taken care of because it brings customers with profits and value. In the commercial field, the quality should be upgraded in order to be more modular and standard. In marketing exploring, both Chinese market and overseas market should advance side by side. In internal management, efficiency should be improved and offset the rising costs in labor, raw materials and energy. At the same time, the current business model should be redesigned and restructured.

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