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DeepWay Rolles Off the First Complete Body in White

Date:2022-07-12 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

CHINA -- On 10 July 2022, DeepWay launched its first generation of complete Body in White. This is another milestone in DeepWay's ongoing drive to develop self-driving trucks, following the successful public demonstration of DeepWay's dynamic testing of autonomous driving technology and vehicle data freezing in December last year.

DeepWay Rolled Off the First Complete Body-in-white

“Body in White” refers to the body that has been welded but not painted, excluding moving parts such as doors and bonnet. These bodies in While need to be fitted with doors and hoods and then get electrophoresed and painted before they can be used on the final assembly line. When the interior, exterior trim parts, electrical components and top cover have been assembled and mounted on the all-electric chassis, the vehicle is ready for delivery.

The Body in While is among the most critical self-developed parts with the greatest investment. As the basis of the vehicle's performance, its roll-out fully validated two of the four main processes, the stamping and welding process and finalized the body skeleton and its production process. At the same time, its success will ensure the smooth delivery of DeepWay's upcoming B-prototype vehicle.

According to sources, DeepWay will put it into mass production by June 2023 and is expected to deliver 1,000 new energy heavy trucks within the year. Let's look forward to the new changes that DeepWay will bring to the traditional logistics industry!


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