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DeepWay’s Smart Electric Heavy Trucks Made Its First Delivery

Date:2023-06-02 Author:Sarah Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On June 1, the reporter learned from DeepWay, an intelligent new energy truck company, that the company held a ceremony in Hefei to deliver the world's first DeepWay trucks. At the ceremony, DeepWay delivered its first electric trucks to XuRiDongsheng Supply Chain Co., Ltd, who will work together with DeepWay to serve CATL’s trunk transport.

This delivery marks that DeepWay has commenced the series production of its trucks since the first concept vehicle was launched on September 17, 2021. At the same time, the two sides will deepen cooperation with industry leaders in the operation of new energy heavy trucks.

“New energy technology and AI are the perfect key to solve the cost and environmental problems of heavy trucks. Commercial vehicles pursue economic benefits, energy consumption is their lifeline. DeepWay will redefine the new era of intelligent new energy heavy truck by achieving “low cost, low power consumption and intelligent driving”. said Wan Jun, founder and CEO of DeepWay at the launch event.

It is reported that electric heavy trucks are commonly used for short- and medium-haul transportation, and rarely used for long-haul transportation. At the launch site, DeepWay shows a video of its trucks completing the 1,119km journey from Beijing to Shanghai under a full load of 49 tons, together with a "fuel-to-electric" heavy truck. According to reports, this is the first application of pure electric heavy trucks in the long-haul trucking services.

When talking about the future development, Wanjun said DeepWay sees the autonomous driving from two aspects: “the relationship between people and vehicles” and “the relationship between vehicles and road”. The primary goal set by DeepWay is to free the driver's feet and improve driving comfort, while the ultimate goal is to free the driver completely. For example, an improvement in freeing the driver's feet alone can bring an amazing driving experience if a truck driver needs to drive for more than 10 hours one way.

And in terms of reshaping the "vehicle-road relationship", DeepWay advocates a progressive development strategy, from closed high-speed scenarios to multiple calibrated highways to mixed open traffic lane in logistics parks or factories, and finally to full scenarios, gradually realizing autonomous driving. DeepWay has the technology path to achieve autonomous driving, hence the first new energy heavy truck "DeepWay" was launched to the market in a short period of time.


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