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JJE Launches Production of its 200kW Electric Drive Module in North Admerica

Date:2023-07-21 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

North America, July 21, 2023 /chinatrucks.com/ -- Jing-Jin Electric North America, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jing-Jin Electric Technologies (JJE), launched production of its 200kW 3-in-1 Electric Drive Module (EDM). JJE acquired the brownfield site in Farmington Hills in 2019. Since that time, JJE has made significant investments in building updates as well as installation of state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. Within the Farmington Hills facility, JJE conducts highly automated manufacturing operations including inverter manufacturing, electric motor assembly, gearbox assembly as well as the final EDM assembly and test. In addition to the building and equipment, JJE has established a skilled workforce to ensure the level of quality to produce its highly technical products. “We are very excited to reach this point where the hard work over the past couple of years is now paying off. Seeing these highly engineered products coming off our assembly line is a testament to the dedication of JJE to North American manufacturing”, says Scott Taylor, JJE’s General Manager of JJE North America.

JJE North America was awarded this EDM production program in 2020. The EDM will be applied to multiple Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) platforms for the customer’s high-end and mid-market brands across North American, European, and Asia-Pacific markets. This program represents the largest single production contract in JJE’s history.

JJE’s newest generation EDM is a fully integrated 3-in-1 transverse-mounted system. It is comprised of a 16,000rpm electric motor with hair-pin winding technology, paired with a high power density Power Inverter Module, integrated park lock control, and a high capacity gearbox. The EDM system features over 200kW of peak power, over 4,000Nm of output torque, with high output speed up to 1700rpm. The EDM also features JJE’s unique water and oil combined cooling and Interior Acoustic Shield (IAS) technology. The system achieves industry’s highest ASIL-D functional safety level, and has Cyber Security.

“The entire JJE team has worked to bring this exciting new product to Michigan and we are proud to be bringing electronics production back locally. This decision will not only bring more high-tech jobs but will also enable a faster response to the customers changing demands. Our local production will also help customers achieve their local content targets such as USMCA.” says Scott Taylor. “Furthermore, with nearly all customers making electrification a priority we feel we are clearly aligned to be a large participant in EV’s continued growth.”


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