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Chinese Made High End Trucks Sells Good in Overseas Markets

Date:2013-06-17 Author:dennis Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com : As reporter learned from the auto industry association of China that a total of 121900 units of commercial vehicles were exported between January and April of this year, down 1.7%. However, some high-end light duty trucks are out-performing expectations.

In early April, JAC held a launching ceremony for new light duty trucks in the Laos. In the same month, another such event was held in Singapore. the events attracted attention from JAC’s oversea competitors.

For many years, China-made commercial vehicles are tagged as low-priced with poor quality. But, Chinese vehicle makers are doing lots of works to change the situation. For example, Singaporean market is a advanced market, one with strict standards. By entering this market, JAC products are proved to be of high quality.

By far, the N series products of JAC have been exported to many countries, such as Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Egypt and Laos.

As shown by statistics, JAC exported 10088 light duty trucks in the first four months, among which, 7752 is medium and high end trucks.

Nanjing IVECO is also intensifying efforts in exporting field. More than 2000 are agreed to be exported to Europe, South America and Africa. The new products , which were launched in January this year, adopts parts from famous parts suppliers, such as ZF.

The reason why high end light duty trucks are enjoying a better sales is that both domestic and abroad markets are getting stabler, demanding for better products. Also, high end trucks have better profitability, as they are more reliable and have longer life spans.

The fact that JAC achieved good results in overseas markets shall be partly attributed to local dealers. A strong dealer has better connections and sales network as well as promoting capabilities.

While, Nanjing IVECO is more dependent on its global sales network. Since IVECO stopped light duty truck production since 1970s, this time, they produce such products in Nanjing, they will better satisfy demands of markets.

Although high end trucks only take a small percentage of all trucks exported, they are the trend in the future. And we believe more companies will join into it.


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