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Sales Revenue of Major Machinery Makers Dropped

Date:2013-06-21 Author:dennis Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com : In the past year, not only Chinese machinery makers suffered, but so did their foreign peers. The global construction machinery industry witnessed huge drop in many major indicators. Major machinery makers, such as Catepillar saw sales dropped by a large scale.

According to data of the first quarter, 50 biggest machinery makers only recorded tiny sales increase. But in other indicators, no such luck.

Although the combined sales passed 199.765 billion US dollars, breaking record, the sales per capita dropped compared to last year.

Besides, profits of major machinery are not satisfactory either. The total profits of the 50 major machinery makers is 21.075 billion US dollars, down 5.46%, among which, only 15 companies recorded profit rise.

In subdivisions of the industry, differentiation is taking place. In general machinery businesses, such as excavator, loader, the business is performing badly. In some new products business, many companies are enjoying good business.


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