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Qingling Will Roll Out VC46 6X2 Van Truck

Date:2016-01-13 Source:www.chiantrucks.com

www.chiantrucks.com: Journalists knew that the VC46 6x2 van truck which was developed by Qingling Motor Co., Ltd. and aimed at electric business logistics attracted great attention in truck industry recently. The journalists got news from Qingling Motor Co., Ltd. that the van truck will be rolled out this year after the road test of almost one year in January, 2016. The logistics truck in express delivery field will confront this competitive rival in China.

Logistics in express delivery field increasingly becomes the competing center with the fast development of electric business in China. As the old Chinese saying goes “Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job”. Trucks used in express delivery becomes the vital aspect in gaining advantage in fierce competition. Trucks used in big express delivery corporations has been changed in recent years. 6x4 bi-axle tractors are used in long-haul transportation of main lines and 6x2 van trucks are used in branch transportation. VC46 6x2 van truck is still the front face appearance which are the same with the spy photos of ISUZU family. The robust front head-stock makes users feel dependable. The combination of low bumper and anti-collision beam can protect small -size truck in collision. The feedback of many express delivery corporations showed that the 6x2 van truck is usually used in provincial branch delivery of express delivery, and the operating radius is about 500 KM.

Truck manufacturers rolled out 4x2 tractor which met customers’ demand in the subdivided market of express delivery. The 4x2 tractor was favored by many express delivery corporations. It is believed that VC46 6x2 van truck will inherit the great fame which was gained by Qingling F series truck in express delivery market and become one of the favorite trucks of various express delivery corporations for its own multiple advantages.


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