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CHMC Heavy Truck and Micro Truck Had the Best Performance in the Industry

Date:2016-11-25 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: According to the data of CAAM released, from Jan to Oct, Sichuan-Hyundai Motor Company China (CHMC) cumulatively delivered 32218 trucks (including LFN), up by 57.72% year on year, which is much higher than the average level of the industry (the first ten months sales of domestic trucks is 2 million 496 thousand and 6 hundred units, up by 11.52% year on year). 

Overall, heavy truck and micro truck are the best performance markets of CHMC this year, their year-on-year growth impressive.

From Jan to Oct, CHMC totally delivered 1303 units of heavy trucks, greatly up by 189.56% year on year; while the micro trucks were sold 21880 units, up by 493.28% year on year. The two cumulative growths all ranked no.1 in their own segment market.


CHMC Heavy Truck and Micro Truck Had the Best Performance in the Industry

The new brand CHMC has entered the market for a few years with the feature of relying on Korean HYUNDAI advanced commercial vehicles production line and united international famous suppliers, that has the advantages in technology R&D and innovation. In this year, TRAGO high-end heavy truck not only continued to improve sales, but also won more and more users’ trust on product recognition.

It is known that TRAGO heavy truck unites the globe R&D force to build the brand new generation heavy truck according to Euro top-class standard. The chosen large displacement Powertec engine with reserve capacity enough integrated multitudinous advanced technology that heavy truck engine should has. Coordinated with rich transmission speed rate, the Powertec engine is more easily to reach high speed driving. Moreover, the engine lining adopts the anti fatigue needle like structure of cast iron, which can fully guarantee the long time operation of the engine. It provides effective protection for long distance and high efficiency and fast transportation.

On fuel saving, TRAGO unites lots of leading fuel saving technology, from power chain, fuel saving technology to aerodynamic appearance and so on, a series of the whole R&D and design all had the best performance of fuel saving advantage. We can also see this in the recent fuel saving competition and during the process of driving.

Take a look at the domestic commercial vehicle market, the trend of high-end products is clear, but the mid-end products are still occupied the main position of the product.


CHMC Heavy Truck and Micro Truck Had the Best Performance in the Industry

Among them, ZEDO 800W has the unique feature of CHMC technology, after the adjustment of South Korean HYUNDAI modern institution, the equipped Weichai engine has lower fuel consumption and urea consumption rate. Transmission uses TRAGO shaft link technology, shifting more labor, operating more comfortable. The cab introduces TRAGO engine mounting technology, can reduce vehicle vibration and improve ride comfort.


CHMC Heavy Truck and Micro Truck Had the Best Performance in the Industry


Back to see the new launched ZEDO 300M light truck, it has rich power to choose, except Yuchai power, there are a variety of optional power, such as Cummins ISF2.8s5129T, Cummins ISF3.8s5141, ISUZU JE493ZLQ5 and Yunnei D25TCIE1 engine, the four models are the mainstream of the market with coverage of 115-142 horsepower. The truck is available in either 5 speed or 6 speed gearshift patterns. The rear axle ratio can be installed according to users’ needs. Frame uses the latest molding technology, durable materials and Korean HYUNDAI process technology, can ensure the durability of the vehicle. The front and rear axle in high strength design can ensure the durability and stability of the vehicle under high load conditions. The introduction of Korean HYUNDAI vehicle adjustment technology has further improved the occupants’ ride comfort.


CHMC Heavy Truck and Micro Truck Had the Best Performance in the Industry

ZEDO 300M light truck


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