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Sichuan Hyundai TRAGO Trucks Enjoy Rising Popularity in Qingdao

Date:2018-04-13 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Recently, Qingdao Sanli Group purchased a batch of TRAGO trucks made by Sichuan Hyundai and had them renovated into vehicles to display water supplying equipment.

Sichuan Hyundai TRAGO Trucks Enjoy Rising Popularity in Qingdao

Possessing an awe-inspiring appearance, TRAGO truck is definitely an eye-catcher on the road. Equipped with the third generation powertec engine developed by Hyundai, the vehicle can reach a maximum torque of 2,500 N.m and a fueling injection pressure of 2,500 Bar. Plus such an impressive power performance, it achieves higher fuel economy.

In addition, TRAGO has adopted a much more resilient body structure. Its energy absorbing steering wheel, hydraulic retarder, disc braking, and spark resistant device have further improved the vehicle’s safety standards.

Qingdao Sanli Group is specialized in developing urban water supply systems, water supply equipment, intelligent water pumps, and intelligent motors. (www.chinatrucks.com)


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