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Chenglong H7 Become Popular for Beauty and Strength

Date:2017-02-21 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: An internet popular star in the transportation industry, Chenglong H7 which is called a good truck confirms the word that it can live by beauty and strength.

 Chenglong H7 Become Popular by Beauty and Strength
Beautiful Appearance and Reliable Strength
Chenglong H7 are born beautiful, its exterior is designed and created by domestic professional team and French designer Mark Deschamps, integratzed advantages of the safety of keel structure and European drive cab with large space and low wind drag. Generally speaking, the handsome appearance with simple and honest expression makes people feel so safe and proud.
 Chenglong H7 Become Popular by Beauty and Strength
Lightweight and Strong Power
The design of low wind drag is fuel-efficient and reliable; lightweight design has lighter weight but makes the load more; Weichai 13L engine with four air valves has large torque of 2400 N.m and top speed of 550hp with higher step-climbing ability, start fast and shift smoothly, high efficiency and full guarantee. In addition to body styling, Chenglong H7 is full of power and muscle.
Chenglong V+ Vehicle Network System Escort the Driving
Based on Liuzhou Motor “Intelligent vehicle terminal+Intelligent management platform+Intelligent operation center”, Chenglong V+ system provides systematized services for customers centering on customer value promotion.
 Chenglong H7 Become Popular by Beauty and Strength
With the escort of Chonglong V+, the strength of Chenglong H7 is highly appraised. As the high-end product of Chenglong heavy truck platform, Chenglong H7 is equipped with “Chenglong V+” vehicle network system. The drivers can acquire higher operation efficiency, less operation cost and more convenient transport experience through a number of intelligent monitoring means of the Chenglong V+ system. 


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