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First Chinese 3D printing Polyurethane tire Successfully Developed

Date:2017-07-13 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Currently, the first Chinese polyurethane tire through 3D printing technology made its appearance successfully with qualifying testing result, which is jointly developed by Linglong Tire and Beijing University of Chemical Technology.

Chinese First Polyurethane Tire through 3D Printing Successfully Developed

Aiming at solving the problems in green development, in recent years, Linglong Tire focuses on green, energy saving, and low carbon new materials and cooperates with many domestic and international academic institutions, universities and other research institutions to carry out extensive cooperation, developing dandelion tire,andgraphene tire and opening up the key laboratory for green ,energy saving and high performance tire materials.

The successful developed polyurethane tire through 3D printing adopts TPU material, which has lower heat and rolling resistance compared with the traditional rubber tread. The tire manufactured with polyurethane materials has the features of the simple manufacturing process, safety, endurance, environmental protection and cycle use of waste tires, which are expected to become the main material for the next generation green tire with lower cost.

The successful development of domestic first polyurethane tire through 3D printing is a powerful practice ofLinglong tire to follow the scientific and technological innovation standard. In the future, Linglong Tire will take this opportunity to continue to promote technological progress and structural adjustment, to accelerate the development of green tire with high performance and quality.


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