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Linglong Tire Ushered in New Progress in Uzbekistan Technical Service Project

Date:2021-01-06 Author:Linda Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On November 20, 2020, Linglong Tire ushered in new progress in its technical service project in Uzbekistan. After the completion and acceptance of the first phase of the Uzbekistan Rubber Products Factory project with technical support from Linglong Tire, the two parties signed a contract through the Internet to start the cooperation process for the second phase of the project.

The Uzbekistan Rubber Products Factory project is led by the governments of China and Uzbekistan during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, and the companies of the two countries then signed an agreement to help Uzbekistan build the first tire and conveyor belt and other rubber products manufacturer in this country.

During the on-site technical service, Linglong team overcame the disadvantages of staff shortage, on-site construction and tire product debugging and cross-working, and successfully completed the preliminary technical issues negotiation, guidance of equipment installation and commissioning, on-site technical training and performance testing in tire factories and third-party organizations.

After the signing the contract of the project’s second phase , Linglong Tire will send technical backbone and management elites to Uzbekistan tire factory for on-site guidance, to assist in tire design, product development, quality control, testing, inspection and verification.

The Uzbek Rubber Products Factory project, as the first tire production plant in Uzbekistan and the region, is of great significance to this country. Meanwhile, this project is Linglong’s first technical service project, marking that Linglong Tire has upgraded from the original product output to a higher level of technical service and management support.


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