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Linglong Ranks No.14 in Top 34 Tyre Manufacturers 2020

Date:2020-07-17 Author:Linda Source:www.chinatrucks.com

A few days ago, British Tyrepress released Top 34 Tyre Manufacturers 2020 based on the revenue and profits of these global tire manufacturers in 2019. From the perspective of operating income, Linglong Tire's ranking jumped from 17th to 14th. From the perspective of net profit, it ranked seventh in the world. Linglong Tire is like a "dark horse" and has maintained its momentum of rapid development in the fierce competition in the market.

What behind the steady growth of performance is the company's continuous building of five core kinetic energy including strategies, product power, innovation, marketing power and brand power in 2019, which promotes the rapid and high-quality development of the company. Linglong upgraded its "5+3" strategy to the "6+6" strategy in March this year, which is a foundation for the realization of its medium -and long-term strategic goal.

With OE service & retail to drive business performance, R&D plus brand to enhance premium capacity, Linglong achieved the increase in both volume and price in 2019, steadily stepping into the global top 14 tire maker.

2020 is a tough year for tire manufacturers. But for Linglong, it will also take the opportunities to achieve overtaking in corners. The company opened its first year of smart new retail, deepening channels with reform and innovation, improving digital marketing and service levels, and achieving steady growth.

As an aggressive racer on the track, in the future, Linglong Tire will maintain its status and accelerate its pace, heading towards the echelon of the world's leading tire brands!


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