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“Dongfeng Hydrogen Core” Is Mounted on an 8T Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck

Date:2022-06-09 Author:Linda Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Recently, an 8T hydrogen fuel cell truck equipped with “Dongfeng Hydrogen Core”, a completely self-developed power stack, appeared for the first time in the declaration list released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

"Dongfeng Hydrogen Core" is a power stack completely developed by Dongfeng Technology Center and was successfully mounted on the vehicle. This marks a key milestone in its development of hydrogen fuel cell.

“Dongfeng Hydrogen Core” is a brand created by Dongfeng Technology Center for hydrogen fuel technology with a completely independent intellectual property rights. It aims to develop high-quality power stack through an automotive-Grade development process, design specifications, authentication specification and batch process with high consistency.

Dongfeng Hydrogen Core adopts low-cost, high-performance MEA and highly corrosion resistant coat that allow for modular integration. Besides, vibration and durability tests have been performed on Deongfeng Hydrogne Core to ensure a volumetric power density of 4.0kW/L and an unassisted cold start at -30℃.

The 8T hydrogen fuel cell van is a highly reliable and developed specifically for intra-city and inter-city logistics to meet the demands for medium and long distance transportation.

The 8T hydrogen fuel cell van is equipped with a 120kW high-efficiency drive motor and a 4-speed AMT transmission to deliver the best performance under full-load working conditions. Together with a 4X145L large-capacity hydrogen cylinder and high-performance vehicle energy management system, It would entend the driving range of the vehicle greatly.

There are multiple hydrogen safety measures inside the vehicle to monitor the status of fuel electric system and hydrogen storage system in real time and response in time to ensure the safety of the user. The fuel cell system is highly integrated with an all-in-one electric drive to achieve miniaturization and light weight.


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