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SAIC Maxus Overseas Sales Volume Up 54% in Q1

Date:2018-04-26 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

In the first quarter of 2018, SAIC Maxus saw its overseas sales volume jump to 1,925 units, up by 54% year on year. In Australia and New Zealand alone, the company’s sales reached 1,029 units, up by nearly 50%, accounting for 53% of its total sales in the international market.

SAIC Maxus Overseas Sales Volume Grew 54% in Q1

In March this year, T60’s monthly sales took up 5.1% of the market in New Zealand, imposing increasing pressure on other brands. V80 Minibus’s market share was also approaching 20% in the country. In Australian’s van market, G10’s market share rose to 10%.

In Europe, SAIC Maxus’s vehicle products have been gaining rising popularity. Take German market for example, Maske Group, one of the biggest players in the light-duty commercial vehicle rental service market, recently made a purchase of 200 units EV80 made by SAIC Maxus. “While new energy vehicles made in Germany are still non-existent, China’s SAIX Maxus has already arrived,” according to Hamburg Evening News.

In 2017, SAIC Maxus’s export volume exceeded 10,000 units, up by 47% year on year. In Australia and New Zealand alone, its sales volume increased by nearly 80%, reaching almost 6,000 units which accounted for over half of its exports.

Set up in 2011, SAIC Maxus has been attaching top priority to its overseas expansion since its birth. In 2013, it officially entered Australia and New Zealand. Later, it successfully made its way to UK and Ireland. (www.chinatrucks.com)

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