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“Chaoyue” Shines in the Limit Testing of Mileage

Date:2012-11-06 Author:Daniel Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com. In the fiction “80 Days around the World”, the protagonist tried all the methods to finally go around the world within 80 days. 140 years after that crazy journey, the 40,075 kilometers are still a hard job to be completed. This is why the journalists were given big surprises when being told that 1.42 million kilometers of mileage have been conquered by “Chaoyue”, the newly completed high-end truck of Nanjing IVECO. Completed on Sep. 26 2012, “Chaoyue” has ran 1.42 million kilometers, equaling to 36 circles around the world. 


Nanjing IVECO High-End Light Truck

Two spot goby will probably come into people’s mind when the limit testing is mentioned. 36 circles around the world and 1.42 million kilometers is a rare task even in the cross country vehicle world, not to mention for “Chaoyue” from the light truck market. This record requires 300 kilometers each day in consecutive 10 years. The international testing standards for passenger vehicle reliability demands a mileage of no less than 1 million kilometers, “Chaoyue”, however, has far surpassed that standard, embodying the faith for Nanjing IVECO to build the safest light truck, to which, Nanjing IVECO is all committed.

Desert, Mount Everest and the Mountain of Flames, these worldly famous areas for elevation and extreme temperature have been listed into the plan of the next phase for “Chaoyue”.

Design Oriented for Leading Position
To complete 1.42 million kilometers of mileage, “Safety” has to be placed as the priority in the beginning stage in the design of “Chaoyue”. Experts from Nanjing IVECO told the journalists that direct impact analysis, top pressure analysis, safety-belt anchorage analysis, suspension K&C analysis, CFD analysis, defrost and demist analysis and other systematic and scientific analysis have been conducted at the early design stage of “Chaoyue”. All these supplementary ways for design of sync with Europe excellences have guaranteed the accuracy and reliability of the products.

The tolerance design, matching, checking and rectification work have been conducted from the beginning design stage to the production. Therefore, strict control is carried out on the manufacturing process to ensure the high quality of “Chaoyue”.


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