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Bosch Awarded “2016 The Most Reliable Common Rail of Chinese Truck Users”

Date:2016-01-25 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: “Bosch common rail system is the one that the necessary common rail system for the upgrading of China VI Emission Standards. It is the first choice of various enterprises which comply with China V and even further emission standards. And it is the pioneer of common rail system for truck users”. It is Bosch! Bosch diesel common rail system was awarded 2016 The Most Reliable Common Rail System of Chinese Truck Users for its higher system pressure, better displacement performance and lower fuel consumption in the awarding ceremony of Research & Find Reliance —— the research and election activity among Chinese truck users held by Chinatrucks. Net. on January 18, 2016.

Research & Find Reliance —— the research and election activity among Chinese truck users, is aimed at find and obtain the reliance power. The Research & Find Reliance Group of Chinatrucks. Net. launched the visiting activity of Research & Find Reliance in the whole country since August, 2015. They visited 600 or so logistics park and over 40 large logistics enterprises, and more than ten thousands truck users attended the investigation. Their visiting covered about 30 provinces and cities in seven areas including Northeastern, North China, Central China, Eastern China, Southern China, Southwest and Northwest. And 10,000 questionnaires were collected.

During the visiting the Research & Find Reliance Group of Chinatrucks. Net. got to know that the emission standards of trucks are upgrading continuously with the strengthening force of managing environmental pollution in China. While, the common rail system of technological line of engine plays an important role in the upgrading of emission standards. The truck users’ acquaintance of common rail system changed from strange to familiar. The function of common rail system and powerful technological support let them realized the power of environmental protection with the strengthening of environmental protection sense though the process was a little slow. Among the various common rail systems, Bosch became the representative which is known to all. It’s undoubted that it can won the The Most Reliable Common Rail System of Chinese Truck Users.

The Bosch common rail system has been widely applied to the engines in China till now. The high-pressure pump and fuel injector on the small and light common rail system which is designed according to the demands in Chinese market can be produced independently in China. Besides, the quality and price are very competitive. Bosch has also made good preparations for the coming China V Emission Standards. Bosch improved its common rail system on the basis of meeting China IV Emission Standards for the solution plans of China V Emission Standards. Moreover, Bosch used its high-efficiency SCR Urea injection system —— Denoxtronic6-5, which can transform the Urea into Ammonia with pyrogenic decomposition and hydrolysis. The the nitrogen oxide, the main substance of air pollution produced from end gas, will be transformed into harmless water and Ammonia with Ammonia in the SCR catalytic converter. Not only the nitrogen oxide in the end gas can be greatly reduced but also the fuel consumption can be saved by about 5% by this way.


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