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China’s First Hongyan Genlyon C500 Centre-axle Cargo Truck Hits the Road

Date:2017-07-27 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Hongyan Genlyon C500, as China’s first 117m³ middle-axle cargo vehicle conforming to GB1589 standard, ever debuted at Shanghai Auto show early this year. Now, Hongyan officially announces that this Genlyon C500 will hit the road!

China’s First Hongyan Jieshi C500 Centre-axle Cargo Vehicle Hits the Road

Seen from the picture released, the first company who has this vehicle is Shentong Express. It is learned that C500 is equipped with air suspension, four-point floating design, optimized distribution of axle, to offer greater stability and comfort. The capacity of container is up to 117, 40% larger than the traditional vehicle. The maximum bearing weight is 49t. It is in this sense that this 8x4 center-axle cargo vehicle can be China’s largest vehicle by far with the heaviest bearing.

Shentong is regarded as one of the pillars of express and transportation industry. The operation of C500 will no doubt speed up the reform in China’s road transportation. Again, SAIC Hongyan takes the lead.

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