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China’s First Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine Powered Heavy Truck Unveiled

Date:2022-06-17 Author:Linda Source:www.chinatrucks.com

on June 15, Shandong High End Equipment Manufacturing High-tech Achievements Exhibition officially kicked off in Shangdong, and for the first time, SINOTRUK joined hands with Weichai to release China’s first heavy-duty truck powered by Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine.


The vehicle on display is reportedly a “SINOTRUK Huanghe’ heavy-duty truck that can perform cargo transport activites in special scenarios like ports, cities, power plants, steel plants and industrial parks. It comes standard with a self-developed 13L hydrogen internal combustion engine, which can achieve accurate hydrogen fuel supply by making use of precise hydrogen injection control technology to improve effective thermal efficiency by 41.8%.

The person in charge of Weichai Power introduced that the hydrogen internal combustion engine has three major advantages: 1. It was developed on the basis of the existing internal combustion system, which allows for more flexibility and shortens the development time. Since most parts are common with the existing system you can share the spares. 2. It is possible to achieve emission standards with after-treatment system was removed or simplified, resulting in significant cost advantage. 3. As mechanical power mode is used, it has low requirements for hydrogen fuel purity, thus improving adaptability to the fuel.

“This vehicle on display can be filled up to 30 kg of hydrogen, and every 10 kg can run roughly 100 km.” the person in charge told reporters.

With the support of several proprietary technologies, the vehicle can realize the precise supply of hydrogen fuel  and operate under different working conditions. The adoption of high-efficiency boosting and thin combustion technology has solved the problem with abnormal hydrogen combustion and ensure smooth and efficient operation. In addition, Weichai independent ECU system was used for intelligent and independent control and individualized control strategy. 

“The commercial application of hydrogen internal combustion engine will help improve Shandong Heavy Industry Group’s leading position, promot commercial vehicles stepping into a new era of diversified energy sources, which is of great significance to energy saving and emission reduction. “Tan Xiguang, Chairman of Shandong Heavy Industry Group said.


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